by Ty Berry

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My latest viking-themed composition! When I began writing this song, I had no idea where it would go. Originally, I was thinking of creating a song that sounded very tribal-like, something vikings would gather and dance to. I changed paths and aimed for something different, but you can still hear the tribal influence in the drums and throat singing.

I was inspired by Seiðr after reading about it in a book. I like to imagine a shaman standing by the shore, performing his ritual. That is why I included the throat singing in the beginning. Throat singing during rituals was a common practice for shamans from different era's. I felt it was appropriate and gave the song life.

I hope you enjoy it. ☺

Incase you don't know what Seiðr (Say-der) is…

Seiðr was a kind of shamanism that focused on altering the course of one's destiny. Practitioner's of Seiðr had magical/blessed ritual staves that were used during trances. While in a trance, the practitioner could travel throughout the Nine Worlds.


released April 20, 2016



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Ty Berry

Ty Berry is an independent music composer from Canada composing in a variety of genre's such as fantasy music, dark music, and epic film soundtracks.

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